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Rules & Regulations

Contractor Rules and Regulations:

Notices will be submitted to the contractor for each violation of the following rules and regulations. After three violations, building management will reserve the right to fire or dismiss the contractor from Transwestern’s list of approved contractors.

1. Construction personnel will be registered and allowed entry to the building through the loading dock entry only.

2. Contractors may access the building Monday through Friday from 6:00AM to 6:00PM. Any work outside building hours must have prior approval from a Manager or the Chief Engineer. For Saturday access from 8:00AM to 1:00PM, a list of personnel who need to work weekends must be given to the management office no later than noon Friday.

3. On-site supervision by General Contractor's personnel is required whenever work is performed in the building.

4. Anyone found tampering with any building operations system will be immediately removed from the building and the General Contractor will be held liable for any damages or any extra operating costs associated with their actions.

5. All after hour access request must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance using the approved After-Hours Access Request Form. The form must be submitted to the Transwestern office for approval by management.

6. The entry doors to the Mechanical rooms and stairwells are to be kept closed at all times. Access to the mechanical rooms is controlled by the building engineer who must be notified if access is required. If doors are found propped open, they will be closed, and the contractor will be notified. The second time doors are found open; Transwestern will post a full-time guard at the door(s) and bill all costs to the general contractor.

7. Any use of tobacco is prohibited at the property. Georgia Pacific Center is a tobacco free property.

8. Any Change Order requests must be approved by the Building General Manager / Construction Manager in writing prior to beginning any work, or the contractor may have to pay for the work.

9. Contractor must receive any revisions to documents from the architect and must have the signature of the Chief Engineer and the General Manager.

10. No radios, personal stereos and the like are specifically prohibited from use on the property.

11. Contractor will be responsible for using only Building Approved subcontractors as determined by Management. Contractor acknowledges he has received a list of these subcontractors upon signing of these Rules and Regulations.

12. All employees, vendors or subcontractors working for the contractor will not be allowed to work in the building in any attire deemed inappropriate by the Management. Inappropriate attire shall include, but not be limited to short pants, working without a shirt, clothing with offensive messages, etc.

13. Construction personnel are not allowed to use the rest rooms on the tenant floors. If there is a restroom in the construction area and the construction area is unoccupied, this restroom may be utilized. Otherwise personnel must use the restroom located on the loading dock. In either case, the Contractor is responsible for keeping these rest rooms clean and orderly.

14. The Contractor shall provide its own equipment to transport materials to and from the job site. Building equipment such as cleaning brutes, buggies, recycling ottos, dollies, pallet jacks, etc. shall not be used.

15. The loading dock shall always be kept clear and clean of all construction related materials. The Contractor shall transport deliveries immediately from the dock to the job site. Trash and debris shall be immediately emptied in the approved construction container. Such materials left unattended on the dock shall be removed by Management at the Contractor’s expense.


1. Contractor must protect building finishes. Damages that occur to building finishes will be charged to the contractor and an additional fine per incident of $1,000.00 will be assessed. A second offense will lead to immediate dismissal of the contractor. In addition, the contractor will not be permitted to work in the building again.

2. Doors leading from construction area to public corridors must remain closed during regular working hours. If there is no door, plastic must be hung over the opening.

3. No hammering, drilling or similar coring and/or concrete penetration activities are permitted after 6:30AM or before 7:00PM. All such activities must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance with Building Management. There will be no exceptions.

4. A burn permit must be obtained from the Chief Engineer’s office prior to any and all welding in the building. In addition, core drilling or heavy sanding must also be coordinated with the Chief Engineer’s office. Contractor must provide a fire extinguisher on the jobsite in conjunction with this work.

5. All smoke detectors shall be covered at the start of each day and uncovered before departure each day. Failure to do so will result in associated cleaning charges by the buildings life safety contractor along with a $500 fine.

6. Contractor will take all necessary precautions to prevent accidental alarms of the life safety system devices. Any accidental alarms due to neglect or improper notification are subject to a $1,000 fine per incident.

7. Construction dumpsters should have side access or be covered with a tarp, and all dumpster locations must be approved by Building Management.

8. Contractor must cover all thermostats before and during demolition. If any thermostats are damaged, contractor will incur the cost replacement.

9. All shades are to be raised before construction. If any blinds are damaged, general contractor will incur the cost of replacement.

10. Draining Sprinklers - Drain down must occur no earlier than 7:00AM and refills must be completed no later than 4:00PM. Work area must be attended until all sprinklers are filled, and all systems must be operational before the contractor leaves the building. Engineering must be notified at least 48 hours in advance before a planned sprinkler drain. Sprinkler work requested after-hours will be required to have a have a building engineer on site to ensure system operations are restored. The after-hour fee for a building engineer is $75.00/hour which will be billed to the contractor.

11. Contractor is responsible for protecting all air handlers and filters during construction. A pre- construction and post construction inspection will be made by the Building Engineer. If the filters are not in pre-construction condition, the filters will be replaced, and the air handlers must be cleaned. All associated costs will be charged to the General Contractor.

12. All work involving condenser, chilled, or domestic water risers, the shutdown of electrical panels or any other disruptive activity must be scheduled after regular business hours and will require the presence of a building engineer. NO EXCEPTIONS!

13. Contractor is responsible for protecting common area corridors and finishes that may be affected during construction. This includes carpet protection from construction area to the freight elevator. The corridor walls in the path from the construction area to the freight elevator shall be protected with Masonite or foam board.

14. Upon completion of construction, final clean-up of the fan coil units located along the perimeter of the window walls shall be cleaned by the Contractor as follows:

  • Contractor shall remove the metal covers and clean debris from the floor area under the units and adjacent cover and wipe clean the cover themselves.
  • Contractor shall clean the coils, condensate pans and change the filters.