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Visitor Access

Georgia-Pacific Center is equipped with an access card security system at all entrances.

  • Requests for access cards and keys should be submitted through the building workorder system, Building Engines by your office administrator or facilities manager.
  • Each access card is billed at a non-refundable cost of $15.00. Cost subject to change.
  • Turnaround time for card processing will be 24 business hours upon receipt of the request. At the expiration of the lease, all cards must be returned.
  • In the event an access card is lost, stolen or damaged, a non-refundable $15.00 fee will be required to issue a replacement card.
  • Building personnel are not authorized to open any locked areas for tenants or guests.
  • Tenants must have an access card to enter the building and/or an access card or key to gain entry to their suite.
  • Management must be notified at least 24 business hours in advance of all after-hours deliveries, visitors, vendors, and contractors. Please note that security is unable to allow access to personnel not approved in advance by management.
  • Keys cannot be duplicated. All keys must be obtained through property management.


Pre-Registered Visitor Access:

  • Visitors should be pre-registered in the Visitor Management System (VMS) prior to their arrival at Georgia-Pacific Center.
  • Visitors will be asked to provide the company name and employee with whom they are meeting, as well as a photo ID.

Large Group Access:

  • For large groups (i.e. conference or building tour), we ask that an open turnstile request is submitted via Building Engines.
  • We ask that you attach a list of attendee names to your Building Engines work order submission.
  • A representative from your office should be present for the time period the turnstile is open to ensure only guests enter.

Unregistered Visitor Access:

  • Should a visitor arrive without prior authorization, security will place a call to the primary and/or secondary tenant contact to request authorization. If neither contact can be reached and prior authorization is not arranged, the visitor(s) will not be granted access.

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