Tenant Security Responsibilities

Remember that the best way to improve security is for each tenant at Georgia-Pacific Center to take an active role. Here are some tips which, if followed, will help ensure that each tenant at GP Center can enjoy a safe work environment:

  • Make sure all doors to your suite are locked and secured at the close of your business day. This is extremely important on the weekends.
  • Do not hesitate to report suspicious individuals to security or the management office. If necessary, security will escort them from the building.
  • Solicitation is not permitted in the building and any individual who enters the building for this purpose should be reported to property management immediately. Be prepared to provide your name, company affiliation and suite number in addition to the location of the solicitor. They will be escorted from the building.
  • Inform the management office of any building keys that are lost. This includes keys to your suite, access cards, and storage room keys.
  • Keep building entry key cards out of the hands of those who do not need them. Maintain up-to-date records of all your employees who have access cards. Inform the management office immediately when individuals have been removed from your employment for any reason.